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THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD Remake Free Download

The House of the Dead: Remake is a premium action game made by developer MegaPixel Studio S.A. for PC. It is the official remake of the classic first-person arcade rail-shooter, The House of the Dead. In it, players will take on hordes of bio-engineered undead across multiple locations.

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Renew with the spirit of Arcade from the nineties with the remake of this iconic shooter! Scientist and expert on the Human Genome Theory, Dr. Roy Curien, descends into madness as he searches for a power allowing him to resurrect the dead. After he succeeds, one of the researchers named Sophie Richards manages to contact her AMS friends Thomas Rogan and Agent G for help. Their mission is to stop the mad scientist and rescue all the laboratory staff by making their way through the mansion, while fending off hordes of zombies.

In addition to the performance issues, The House of the Dead Remake can be pretty glitchy at times. Occasionally enemies will suddenly go completely brain-dead and stand perfectly still as if waiting for their turn to act, leaving you free to blast them into oblivion. However, the most entertaining glitch I witnessed was when I killed a zombie just as he was thrusting his hand into the torso of a scientist. After the zombie bubbled into a puddle of ooze, the grateful egghead rushed over, severed arm still wiggling in her chest, and passed me a health kit, seemingly unaware of the bloodied appendage jutting from her chest.

House of the dead remake developer diary: "One day we had the great idea of remaking a popular light gun game. Our unique twist on the concept was to remove the light gun. It was an exciting and radical departure for the series. A concern from day one was that the game would have terrible controls; worse than the original. We didn't consider resolving this. Instead we decided it was an original idea for a next gen remake to have last gen graphics. As soon as the game was announced, most people wanted to know how we managed to get light gun controls working on Switch. It was clearly an important issue for the fans, so we thought the best thing to do was...nothing. We just made a game nobody wants to play instead."

Normally, remakes are great ways to experience older games for the first time, or relive cherished games in a whole new way and with a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, this game probably should have stayed dead.

In the months leading up to the release of the remake of the first game, I was hopeful it would be able to bring that charm to the modern age and enrapture a whole new generation of gamers eager to explore the mansion of the evil Dr. Curien and save the world from his deadly zombie experiments.

In case you missed it, the Limidead Edition includes the remake itself, as well as an exclusive lenticular box, two character stands and a sticker sheet. Previously, publisher Microids had released the Limidead Edition for the Nintendo Switch version of the game back in May.

The House of the Dead Remake retains the original gameplay of the rail-shooter, with players having to kill various creatures from undead to gargoyle-like mutants. This remake brings a new game mode on top of the original campaign and its multiple endings, where hordes of zombies assault the player. The graphics and performance of The House of the Dead Remake were adjusted to the PlayStation 5, with a gallery showcasing the defeated enemies and bosses and a list of achievements giving additional goals to players.

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