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Luxo Jr. is a semi-anthropomorphic toy desk lamp character used as the primary mascot of Pixar Animation Studios. He is the protagonist of the short film of the same name and appears on the production logo of every Pixar film, hopping into view and jumping on the capital letter "I" in "PIXAR" to flatten it. John Lasseter created the character, modeling it after his own Luxo brand lamp.[1] In 2009, the manufacturer of Luxo lamps sued Disney, the parent company of Pixar, for selling Luxo Jr.-branded merchandise.[2]

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John Lasseter used a Luxo lamp on his drawing table as a graphic rendering model.[1] He experimented with the model, using it for motion studies.[3] He demonstrated the animated Luxo model at an animation festival in Brussels, Belgium. Lasseter did not plan on creating a story for the lamp, but the Belgian animator Raoul Servais urged him to write a plot. Servais said that "No matter how short it is, it should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Don't forget the story." Servais persuaded Lasseter that the length of the animation would not impede the story, telling him "You can tell a story in ten seconds."[1]

The inspiration for the Luxo Jr. character came from Lasseter's interactions with Spencer, the young son of Tom Porter, who is a Pixar team member. Lasseter wondered if the body proportions of a child could be applied to a lamp.[1] He said that "Spencer was about one and a half, and seeing him hold his arms up over his head made me laugh because he couldn't really touch the top of his head yet. After he left, I started thinking, what would a baby lamp look like?"[3] He changed the proportions of the lamp model to make it more infant-like, giving a large head and a small body. Lasseter did not modify the size of the light bulb. He imagined that the store-bought bulb was separate from the lamp's "body" and did not age.[1]

Lasseter followed advice from Servais and conceived the plot for a short film starring Luxo Jr. as the protagonist. The short film would have two characters, Luxo Jr. and a bigger lamp named Luxo Sr.[4] Luxo Jr. plays with a small ball, but jumping on the ball causes it to deflate. Saddened by the loss of the toy, Luxo Jr. hops off-screen. Luxo Jr. finds a beach ball and reappears chasing after it, while the parent lamp shakes its head.[1]

Luxo Jr. demonstrated advances in the technology of self-shadowing.[1] Lasseter said that "The animation of a lamp whose head is a light-source, moving around and self-shadowing the world around him, was a perfect matching of technology and subject matter."[4] Luxo Jr. made its debut at the 1986 SIGGRAPH show in Dallas, Texas. The film received critical acclaim for its photorealistic style and emotional impact.[5]

Luxo ASA, the Norwegian company that manufactures Luxo lamps, sued Pixar and its parent company Disney in 2009 by claiming that Disney violated its trademarks by selling promotional lamps branded as the Luxo Jr. character.[2] Disney had planned on bundling the Luxo Jr. lamp with the collector's edition of the Up Blu-ray release.[9] Luxo ASA claimed that the Luxo Jr. merchandise would "cause devastating damage to Luxo and dilute the goodwill which Luxo has built up." Disney settled with Luxo ASA and agreed not to sell Luxo Jr. lamps while Luxo ASA did not object to "artistic renditions" of the lamp and allowed Pixar to keep using Luxo Jr. as a character.[10]

I sewed the cap to the small end of the lamp shade and then glued the plastic globe to the inside of the lamp shade.There is an area around the chin that the wearer can see out of ,but the visibility is limited.

Luxo has filed a US trade mark infringement suit over a replica lamp called the Luxo Jr that is being sold by Disney, now the owner of Pixar. It says that it was not consulted about this and is not being paid for the sale of the lamps.

"[Disney is] now advertising for sale and/or selling and distributing in the US and elsewhere a lamp product namely the 'Limited Edition Luxo Jr Lamp Collectible Pack' which comprises a DVD of a Disney/Pixar film and includes a small actual lamp bearing 'Luxo Jr' on its base, which lamp itself simulates the Luxo [lamp]," said Luxo's lawsuit, filed in New York.

The suit acknowledged the previous use to which Pixar had put lamps in the same shape as its own. "However, [Pixar's] logo made no express reference to the name 'Luxo', and heretofore, other than [Luxo's] lamps, there existed no actual lamps which used the Luxo trademark," the suit said.

Luxo said that the lamps being sold are of an inferior quality to its own and that the use of the Luxo trade mark would confuse consumers into thinking that Disney's lamp has been made by Luxo. It also said that the Disney lamps would, by their allegedly inferior quality, damage Luxo's reputation.

An animatronic table lamp that has come to symbolize the animation studio it helped form finally stands atop the Pixar Pier marquee arch in Disney California Adventure four months after the newly-rethemed land was unveiled to the public.

As an early symbol of the company, the Luxo Jr. lamp serves as a mascot for Pixar Animation Studio the same way Mickey Mouse represents the Disney company. Walt Disney Imagineering worked with the animation studio to bring the first Pixar character to life in audio-animatronic form for the Pixar Pier project.

We can't help noticing the resemblance of this iMac to the Pixar's unfeasibly cute anthropomorphic lamp, Luxo -- sparking a pleasant little reminiscinsce of watching the first Toy Story and eating Smarties from a cylindrical tube. Just us? Okay.

VL: That's really the heart of what I wanted to say with this short is the idea that Bo really is meant to have as fun of a toy life as Buzz and Woody but the nature of her being on this lamp for babies just made her path a little more challenging, and may seem like a bad thing but, in the end, it really carved her into being this unique character with a great perspective on life through those trials and and the absurdity of it. It was a great opportunity to make her, as a female character, dimensional and rounded and we brought that into the feature.

Construct the swivel joint using the photos as a guide. This mechanism has one disk attached to the base, and one disk attached to the armature of the lamp. Connecting them is a small component made from three pieces, which looks like a bobbin. This component keeps the disks together but allows them to rotate, and also has a hole through the center to allow the wires to route through it.

The hopping swivel lamp has been a corporate mascot for Pixar Animation Studios since its founder created the character in 1986 for a short computer-animated movie that was nominated for an Academy Award. Lasseter was said to have based the character on his own Luxo lamp. 041b061a72


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