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Android Shown Running On A BlackBerry Passport

A BlackBerry Passport device purported that shows an android build running. The Venice codenamed device appears to have an Android 5.1 OS running. BlackBerry might take the center stage if it comes out true because the applications have not been such a great extent. BlackBerry seems to be working on Android driven smartphones and as to demonstrate the reliability of the news, a twitter post by Nicola D'Amico shows some authenticity.

Android shown running on a BlackBerry Passport

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As you can see in the post above, the image shows an android version OS running on the BlackBerry Passport. Judging by the details on the image, we can see that the last few letters show that the Android build has a specific version for the device, Blackberry Passport SQW-ANDS. Henceforth, it might seem true to some extent that Blackberry has been fooling around with the the Android device.

We are a lot of BB Passport owners that we need the transition to android for future app support after BBos be abandoned. We also need new devices with that form factor so blackberry should give the option to old owners and new buyers to install on latest Android or latest BBos.

While on Tuesday we heard BlackBerry might join hands with Samsung for its first Android-based handset, a new report indicates the firm is experimenting with the OS on different devices. Another report also tips the specifications of the rumoured first Android Lollipop-based smartphone, a slider smartphone codenamed Venice that was shown off that MWC running BB10.

Hi Julie, your comparison is made with a large image and desktop mode off, the Passport shows more words per lines of text when not in mobile mode, and in any other app showing text but it seems you never had the device long enough, Android apps are as simple to install as on any android device, on the passport you go to amazon appstore while android devices uses the play store. BlackBerry unfortunately does not market their products & features extensively even though everything is really straight forward. 350c69d7ab


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