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魚屋のおっちゃん ×湾岸の妖精 ~イノベーターが見たこれからの湾岸


Umineko Chiru Ps3 Patch Download

I don't know if you guys know about the umineko ps3 artwork patch for PC, but there is a group working on the patch for PC and they finished patching ch 1-4 and almost done patching 5-8. So you guys should consider updating the download link for the VN.

Umineko Chiru Ps3 Patch Download

If you're going to upload it to fuwan you should check also the compatibility of the patch, i'm having issues to install it with the version of Umineko from currently downloading from another site to check if it works.....

If you already have a copy of Tsubasa, download the patch and place the folder "Umineko Tsubasa English Patch" inside your Tsubasa folder. Launch the executable to read. If you download the full game, just enter the same folder and launch to read. 350c69d7ab

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