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Akane Download For Windows ((FREE))

Akane was driving home with her crazy sister and still scared of Kotar. She couldn't sleep at all. She wanted to ask her father for a ride home, but she can't. At night, she finally asleep. The next morning she also didn't wake up well. Tried to drink her milk but has no effect. Then she call out her sister and was going to give her some of her milk. But she can't find her sister. So she stare at her empty milk carton. Then she hear her sister's voice on her side. So she opened her eyes and she was now sitting on the table. She was also scared of her sister, Akane, So she decided not to trust her again. She ran to the bathroom to get warm. She watched her sister is also in the bathroom watching her. She was so scared.

Akane download for windows

Akane woke up early in the morning. It was still dark outside. She remember that she told her sister to go away and she is scared. She then realize that she is in bed with Kotar. They were just sleeping there. So she was happy. They must have had a great date. She soon fall asleep again. The next morning she wake up again as well. She look at her body and seen that she is still a virgin. She then felt excited. She open her eyes and Kotar is sleeping. His eyes are still closed. Then she close her eyes and was again sleeping. She had nightmare again.

The next day, Akane woke up and she hear her sister's voice again. She then awake and turn to see her sister. She asked her why she wake her up. Akane told her that she didn't want to wake up. She is very lonely. So she want to do something fun. Akane then tell her to leave since she was making her stressed out. Her sister then notice Kotar is awake as well. So she also left.


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