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Flame (Victor C. Remix)

Due to technical problems, Fire Saga's performance at Söngvakeppnin goes disastrously wrong ("Double Trouble"). Lars, dejected, declines to attend the boat party thrown for all the finalists and sits disappointed on the dock as Sigrit tries to comfort him. Suddenly, the boat explodes, killing everyone on board and leaving Fire Saga as the only surviving contestants and thus winners by default. Lars and Sigrit arrive in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Eurovision is being held ("Amar pelos dois"). Once there, Lars rebuffs Sigrit's attempts to kiss him, reiterating that they need to focus on the competition and not on their relationship. They struggle with a new remix of their song and Lars' elaborate staging plans. They meet Alexander Lemtov, a Russian singer who is a favorite to win the contest ("Lion of Love").

Flame (Victor C. Remix)

Alexander invites Lars and Sigrit to a party at his house, attended by numerous real-life former Eurovision contestants, where he introduces them both to the Greek contestant Mita Xenakis. They join the other contestants in a "Song-A-Long" (a mashup of "Believe", "Ray of Light", "Ne partez pas sans moi", "Waterloo" and "I Gotta Feeling"). Alexander and Sigrit spend the night together, as do Lars and Mita, although neither pair becomes intimate. At their rehearsal, Sigrit expresses her hate for the new clothing and remix and asks Lars to go back to the way things originally were. In response, Lars decides to change their clothing and revert their song to its original version. Later, back at the hotel, Lars overhears Sigrit working on a new song and presumes that it is a love song made for Alexander and that they are pursuing a romantic relationship.

Cerberus has an array of attacks, but they are easily dodged and countered. As long as you are patient you can escape this battle the victor. First, Cerberus uses Meteor to fire large balls of flame at you. They move is pretty slow so you can dodge roll to avoid them and even get up in Cererus' face and attack at this time. Next, Cerberus will likely start using his three heads to attack in a snapping action. Stand off to one of the sides and attack one of the outter heads immediately after it snaps. You should be able to get two hits in each time and this phase lasts awhile. Cherberus also jumps up and slams on the ground causing a shockwave, just jump over it. Lastly, Cerberus spews darkness from his mouths and voids pop up under Sora's location. Just run and Dodge roll to avoid these.

Madonna worked primarily with Orbit after Guy Oseary, Maverick Records' partner, phoned Orbit and suggested that he send some songs to the singer.[3] He sent a 13-track digital audio tape (DAT) to Madonna, and "Frozen" was among these tracks.[1] "I was a huge fan of William's earlier records. [...] I also loved all the remixes he did for me and I was interested in fusing a kind of futuristic sound but also using lots of Indian and Moroccan influences and things like that, and I wanted it to sound old and new at the same time", Madonna said.[1] The singer drew inspiration from Bernardo Bertolucci's 1990 British-Italian drama film, The Sheltering Sky, which dealt with a couple trying to save their marriage during a trip to Africa.[4] She wanted to have the "whole Moroccan/orchestral/super-romantic/man-carrying-the-woman-he-loves-across-the-desert vibe" for the track. Still continuing work with Leonard on some of the tracks, Madonna asked him to give her a composition with "tribal feel, something really lush and romantic". They composed the melody on the DAT and recorded the demo, which stretched to over 10 minutes due to Madonna continuing to write the track.[3][4]

A low quality snippet of "Frozen" was leaked by fans on January 23, 1998, after it debuted on radio in Singapore, and posted it on the Internet.[5][6] They said they knew what they were doing was wrong, but that they hoped it would simply generate interest from Madonna.[5] The song was played on US radio, including WKTU New York radio.[6] Warner Bros. Records enlisted the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)'s Anti-Piracy Unit to delete the Internet downloads of the song. Erik Bradley, musical director of Chicago B96, classified "Frozen" as a "the mark of a smash. Clearly, American pop radio needs Madonna", after he played the track on his station. According to Jon Uren, marketing director of Warner Music Europe, the song also had "fantastic" early support across Europe, where the song was added to radio the same day that the snippet was leaked.[6] Shortly after the leak, a remix version of "Frozen" was broadcast by the BBC website,[5] and was also previewed on the soundtrack at the 1998 Versace fashion spring parade.[7] In the United Kingdom, "Frozen" was issued as a CD single, a 12-inch vinyl single, and a cassette single on February 23, 1998.[8] The track was officially serviced to radio in the United States on February 19, 1998, and was released commercially on March 3, 1998.[6][9]

On March 30, 2021, Canadian producer Sickick posted a video of him in a mask remixing "Frozen" on a video sharing app TikTok.[76] This rendition has been used in over 1.5 million TikTok clips as of December 2022,[77][78] based around cooking and hair-pulling challenge;[79] and has been watched over 26 million times.[80] On December 3 of the same year, the remix was officially released on digital and streaming music platforms,[81] as the first release of Madonna's plan of re-releasing of her entire catalogue.[82] This rendition impacted Italian radio airplay next month, on January 24, 2022.[83] In March 2022, two additional remixes were released, the first one featuring Nigerian singer Fireboy DML, and American rapper and singer 070 Shake on the second; both of them received visuals.[10] On May 19, fourth rendition of the remix was pushed to the digital retrailers and streaming media. Entitled "Frozen on Fire", it features Sickick vocals, while Madonna re-recorded some parts of the song. This iteration was supported by a music video and a lyric video.[84]

Sickick's rendition of "Frozen" is predominantly a trap song,[90] but it also has been described as EDM,[91] minimal,[10] and electro.[80] It consists of Madonna's chopped up vocals taken from the original version of the track, which has been called "now-iconic" by The Fader's Raphael Helfand.[92] The remix begins with a line "How can life be what you want it to be? You're frozen, when your heart's not open."[93] Billboard's Gil Kaufman called the rendition "slowed-down" and "gauzy".[94] Shaad D'Souza of The Fader and Sebas Alonso of Jenesaispop criticized Madonna for releasing too many renditions of the remix, the former's problem was over-promotion, while the latter's point was that they were short.[95][96]

On March 1, 2022, Madonna shared a picture of her and Nigerian singer Fireboy DML on her Instagram, announcing new remix.[99] Two days later, aforementioned remix has been released for digital download and streaming through Artist Partner Group and Warner Records.[100] On the same day, both artists teased a music video on Instagram calling each other "fire", whilst Fireboy DML wrote: "Love to the queen for having me on this classic."[85] This rendition starts with Madonna vocals, later featuring new lyrics performed by the featured artist,[101] which talk about heartbreak: "Don't make me waste my time / I've been waiting all my life".[76][80] He later croons "I thought you loved me / I thought you trusted me / I tried to take care of your heart / but it's frozen."[100] For the outro, the song returns to Madonna's vocals.[76]

Writing for Variety, Mike Wass commented that Fireboy DML "laments over Sickick's sweeping trap beats" and takes the song to "soulful direction, plunging deeper into heartbreak territory".[76] George Griffiths of Official Charts Company called the rendition "TikTok friendly" and additionally wrote: "The song morphs from Madonna's ice-cold, electronica-influenced vocals, shifting into something of trap beat for Fireboy DML's verse."[82][103] Hannah Dailey from Billboard described Firboy DML's vocals as "smooth".[85] Kaufman of the same publication called the rendition "hypnotic".[94] Jenesaispop's Iker Oroz called this remix "insubstantial"[101] while Sebas Alonso writing for the same publication, opined that the performers are lacking chemistry on the track.[104]

The music video for the rendition has premiered on Madonna's YouTube channel on March 10, 2022.[79][78] It has been directed by Ricardo Gomes and spans for almost three minutes.[77][86][87] During the shooting, Madonna jokingly mentions being drunk and called herself "Merdonna".[105] First 25 seconds of the clip focus on Madonna's eye and road imagery.[77] When the beat kicks in, a shot of black doberman from the original video appears.[106] Madonna is seen wearing long straight hair, black leather corset with black long sleeves, black short shorts, and black gloves,[105] complemented by Madame X cross jewelry.[78][87] Multiple shots of her are shown next, taken from different angles, and projecting her smoking among other shots mixed with flashing lights and scenery taken from the original "Frozen" visual.[86][77] After that, Fireboy DML appears; he is being seen kneeling down next to Madonna's leg and singing his verses in front of background displaying flames.[86][79] The pair is also dancing with each other.[87][107] At the end of the clip, Madonna blows her hair in the wind and reaches her arms out.[77] Kenna McCafferty from Paper called the visual "captivating", and said that it presents "the perfect combination of Fire & Ice".[79] Yohann Ruelle of Pure Charts opined that the clip is "hot";[107] whilst Jenesaispop writers were not keen of the video, describing it as "insubstantial" and "not difficult".[101][104]

070 Shake remix of "Frozen" has been described as an "emotional ballad",[88] where she "chant[s] hoarsely over Madonna's quavering coo and Sickick's deep bass rumbles."[10] Jenesaispop reported that the chorus line, "I feel close enough to heaven / To go, to stay, to leave, to pray", might be a reference to Dua Lipa's 2020 song "Levitating", whose the Blessed Madonna remix featured Madonna.[104] Kat Bouza from Rolling Stone said that this rendition is "haunting" and 070 Shake's delivery is "ethereal".[110] Stereogum's Tom Breithan opined that the featured artist "sounds cool as hell", while the remix itself "sounds like a complete song".[10] Daniela Avila of People labeled the track as a "vibey tune".[88] Kaufman called the remix "moody" and "chopped-and-screwed", while 070 Shake's verses have been described as "sleepy eyed".[111] 041b061a72


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