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Roblox Script - DOORS Remove Doors, Walkspeed... ((INSTALL))

Do not stop adding new scripts on roblox DOORS, as the game is very popular. This time we will present a script called Dansploit, who its author we unfortunately do not know, can it and is. The script has a small handy graphical interface and the most necessary functions: FullBright, Remove Walls, Fly, Walkspeed, Remove Doors, Remove Fake Doors, Flashlight Range and others, the entire list you can see in the screenshot. Doors is a very popular Roblox game where you have to roam around strange hotel and open the doors, and behind the doors is something unknown. So, for example, there can be scrimmers and monsters waiting for you behind the doors, and maybe there will be a nice room with a fireplace. Free script will help you to pass all his levels.

Roblox Script - DOORS | Remove Doors, Walkspeed...

I was trying to make one of those stupid comedic Roblox games where the title is in all lowercase and stuff like that. The premise of this game is that you have to pay do literally anything; walking, jumping, opening doors, etc. I wrote a script that functions as follows: first it checks if you have the gamepass, then if you do not have the gamepass, it will open a buy prompt for the gamepass when you press w, a, s, or d. I have tried to run print statements to see if it is the gamepass prompt call that is not working or if it is something else like the keystroke detection, but to no avail. (By the way, it is in a localscript with a disabled script called 'walkspeednew' that sets your walkspeed to normal after you buy the gamepass. The script called 'WalkSpeed' runs when you start the game, and sets your walkspeed to 0.) 041b061a72


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