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Total Merchant Resources After Shark Tank __HOT__

Additional links take you to articles on e-commerce and other eBay merchant resources, including PayPal. If you have slow-moving inventory you want to get rid of or a local presence you'd like to expand worldwide, or you simply want to explore the potential of eBay to drive online shoppers to your business, the Merchant eCommerce Solutions Center should be your first stop.

Total Merchant Resources After Shark Tank

Krista: Yeah, so I spent about three months researching. And then I spent on my husband and made the prototype. So we drew out the designs and then he actually made the prototype in the garage. And then we tested a few different products to absorb moisture, like what was lightly scented? What was absorbed the best? And then my son would use them during practice and after practice in his gear. So that's kind of how we tested it and that was about three to four months. And then in January of 2015 is actually when we went to manufacturing. So I found a manufacturing partner, no joke through that six-month process. I literally must have posted on Facebook a million times and I think people don't do that enough. Like one of the things I think that I did really, really well was I used my friend group that's on Facebook. I mean, what's the point of having 1000 friends if you're not going to use their resources? And I was like, Hey, does anyone know anyone who does this? Does anyone have any connections with anyone who does this? I'm trying to invent a product. Has anyone ever done that before? And I would have friends of friends of friends. Like, I would get a friend who would comment and say, "Hey, yes, my friend does this". "Let me you want to reach out to them". And I'd be like, absolutely, please. And then they would connect me.


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