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Reforming in March 1970 as Frumpy (a play on Rumpf's surname inspired by seeing the word "frumpy" in a CBS record catalogue) the new line-up of Rumpf, Bohn, Kravetz and Schott debuted at the Essen International Pop & Blues Festival in April 1970, where two of their songs "Duty" and "Floating" were recorded and released on the live compilation album Pop & Blues Festival '70.[2][4] This was followed by more tour dates in France, Germany and the Netherlands, an appearance at the Kiel Progressive Pop Festival in July 1970, and at the Open Air Love & Peace Festival at Fehmarn, 6 September 1970.


Frumpy clothing can be described as garments that are drab, too big, shapeless, or plain in style without accessories. Frumpy is wearing worn-out and tired clothing. Wearing dated clothing and accessories which are not current (this changes most often) will spell frumpy. You cannot stay in a time capsule, and you cannot wear something for years and years if it is not current.

Age is a relevant factor when it comes to looking frumpy. A young person who does not care about her appearance can look just as frumpy as someone older. Size is also irrelevant. Dress for your size and make sure that your clothing fits.

"cross, unstylish person," especially a woman or girl, 1817, from a group of related words of uncertain origin: Frump (n.) "a mocking speech" (1550s), "a sneer or snort" (1580s); frump (v.) "to mock, flout, taunt" (1570s); frumps (n.) "ill-humor" (1660s); frumpish (adj.) "cross-tempered" (1640s); and compare frumpy.

I agree with you, and Kathy. Dressing better always gets better treatment. Things I do to not feel frumpy, makeup on, current hairstyle, nice bag, nice closed toe shoes, current clothes that fit my shape, current jewelry style, nails nice.

Outdated usually means you stopped trying to look good around 1995, so yeah, it correlates with frumpy. The same women who wear boxy suits and loafers to the office wear sweatpants and a stained t-shirt on the weekends.

=== Approx. 11" tall (14" to tip of ears) - Old Fashion Antique Classic Primitive Style heavily distressed MOhair Rabbit with aged frumpy ruff collar, aged ribbon bow & vintage poker chip charm with "Chocolate Marshmallow Rabbit" graphics

Dressing frumpy can also mean looking old-fashioned and dressing in a way that makes you look older and less stylish than you really are. Examples of dressing old-fashioned are wearing capris with polyester floral shirts, elastic waist jeans (and not in a trendy way), and graphic t-shirts with rhinestones.

Another popular style is the half tuck. All you have to do is tuck in one side of your top and leave the other side out. These techniques not only make your outfit look less frumpy, but they give an outfit a chic yet casual finish!

They GDIGM produced a report of their findings: Frail, frumpy and forgotten: A report on the movie roles of women of age. The study examined how entertainment media contributes to ageism by erasing older adults and presenting them in stereotypical ways in the top grossing films of 2019 in Germany, France, the UK and the US. The following are some of the findings from that study:


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