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Where To Buy Saffiano Leather

Make sure not to expose the leather to too much moisture because this will cause damage to the leather. Do not use any kind of oils, polish, or products containing waxes or silicone, as it may damage the leather. Do not use saddle soap, alcohol, varnish, ammonia-based cleaners (i.e. Windex), or bleach as they may cause serious damage or discoloration. And lastly, do not use baby wipes or any other alkaline cleaners as it may damage the finish of the leather.

where to buy saffiano leather

I bought this and gave my previous key organiser which is still going strong to my mum. I like the quality and feel of the saffiano organiser. I got mine in black and gold which the colours look great together.

Entirely handmade in America of the most luxurious leather. The top grain leather and special cushioning are carefully selected to retain their shape while remaining soft and extremely comfortable. The springs are hand wound for increased durability, and the brass casters provide additional convenience. The wood is maple, hand-carved and hand-sanded to a silky touch. Chairs & Ottomans sold separately. Chair measures 31" w x 34" d x 33" h. Seat height 19". Arm height 24". Ottoman measures 29" w x 22" d x 17" h.

The Brique shoulder bag has removable, adjustable straps, an iconic logo plaque, and all-round zip closure. Prada's use of crosshatched Saffiano leather can be traced back to Mario Prada, who valued its sophistication and durability. 041b061a72


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