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[S5E5] Blind Faith

While working with my clients, I realized that there is blind faith in career progression and that people were on this treadmill that inherently held that someone else would decide for them the next step. Despite the need for such judgments, it is evident that devastation has taken place because people have become very limited, thus the need for a better concept and a better mindset.

[S5E5] Blind Faith


Will: This is the second time in a month that parents have lost faith in you.Natalie: I'm telling you, he has pneumonia.Will: Yeah, well, you'd better be right, because these labs look like a sinus infection.

February 6, 1964: As the Beatles arrive in New York to make their legendary appearance on Toast of the Town , Sam finds himself as Andrew Ross, a blind concert pianist. He must rescue his girlfriend from becoming the latest victim of a serial killer while also free her from her controlling mother's "smothering love".

When Red Star tells Starfire he found her outside when his proximity alarm sounded, she asks what the purpose of his quarantine is. He explains that it is to protect her and everyone else from the radiation he self-generates, but Starfire assures him she is immune to radiation, so he invites her in. He also reveals that Starfire's communicator will not work inside his house because the walls isolate any and all radio waves. She requests his help in finding the others, but he refuses, believing it will not be safe for him. Believing he speaks of the dangerous creature that has been wreaking havoc, she tells him that she and the others were sent to apprehend it, but Red Star reveals he is the creature. He explains that the destruction caused was a long time ago and it was an accident. However, confusion arises when Starfire explains that whatever they have been hunting, they faced in combat yesterday and Red Star claims he has not set foot outside his sanctum, at least not long enough to cause any of the destruction she bore witness to. After all, the whole point of his isolation far away from the city is so that he doesn't hurt anybody, and he knows for a fact that there is nobody else like him. Starfire is skeptical of this, but the only way she knows she will solve this puzzle is if she reunites with the Titans. However, Starfire fears the treacherous landscape ahead that will make her chances of finding her friends difficult. Red Star reassures her that her friends will be fine if they are as resilient as her. Empathizing with her that it is difficult not knowing, Red Star says that it's why they have faith and offers her dinner.

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Daniel Whyte IV is a fantasy and speculative fiction writer, and a former web designer and podcast producer. His articles on culture, storytelling, and faith have been published in, Relevant, Fathom Magazine, ArcDigital, Speculative Faith, and A Pilgrim in Narnia. He holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology and is currently a Mass Communication grad student. When he's not writing about superheroes, time travel, fantasy, or Narnia, he's (mostly) thinking and tweeting about those things. 041b061a72


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