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Jurrat Movie Download: Watch The Untouchables Remake on KickassTorrents

Jurrat Kickass Download Movie: How to Watch This Classic Bollywood Action Film Online

If you are a fan of Bollywood action movies, you might have heard of Jurrat, a 1989 film directed by David Dhawan and starring Shatrughan Sinha and Kumar Gaurav with Amrish Puri. Jurrat is a remake of the 1987 Hollywood movie The Untouchables, which tells the story of a group of lawmen who take on a notorious crime lord in Chicago during the Prohibition era.

Jurrat kickass download movie

Jurrat follows a similar plot, but with a twist. It is set in Bombay (now Mumbai), where Inspector Ram Singh (Shatrughan Sinha) and Inspector Avinash (Kumar Gaurav) team up to bring down Kama Seth (Amrish Puri), a ruthless smuggler who controls the city's underworld. Along the way, they face many challenges, dangers, and betrayals as they try to uphold justice and law.

Jurrat is a classic Bollywood action film that showcases the best of the genre. It has everything you would expect from a masala movie: thrilling stunts, explosive fights, catchy songs, dramatic dialogues, romance, comedy, and emotion. It also features stellar performances from its star cast, who bring their characters to b70169992d


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