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False Hero V0.38.rar ((HOT))

For several weeks, Australian signals intelligence (SIGINT) had used direction finding to track a VC radio transmitter from the headquarters of the 275th Regiment westwards to a position just north of Long Tân. Extensive patrolling failed to find the unit. The reports began on 29 July at the height of the false alarm, with the radio detected moving towards Nui Dat from a position north of Xuyên Mộc. The movement continued at a rate of 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) a day and by 13 August was located near the Nui Dat 2 feature, a hill in the vicinity of Long Tân, 5,000 metres (5,500 yd) east of Nui Dat. While direction finding indicated the movement of the radio, no actual communications had been intercepted. However it suggested the presence of the 275th Regiment or at least a reconnaissance party of that unit. Jackson could not rule out deception and therefore took the threat seriously when he decided to send company patrols out.[47] The existence of a SIGINT capability was a closely guarded secret, and knowledge of the source of the reports was limited to Jackson, his two intelligence officers, and the 1 ATF operations officer; neither battalion commander had access.[48] On 15 August D Company, 6 RAR patrolled to Nui Dat 2 and returned through the Long Tân rubber plantation. The following day A Company, 6 RAR departed on a three-day patrol on a route which included Nui Dat 2 and the ridge to the north west. Any sizeable VC force in the vicinity would have been located, but neither patrol found anything of significance.[49] SAS patrols focused on the Núi Dinh hills to the west.[50]

False Hero v0.38.rar

In the aftermath, both sides claimed success.[55] Heralded as an Australian victory against overwhelming odds, the battle was widely covered in the Western press, making headlines in Australia and the United States.[198] 1 ATF received congratulatory messages from the US, South Vietnamese and Australian military commands in Vietnam, and from Prime Minister Harold Holt,[197] while General William Westmoreland considered it one of the more spectacular allied victories to that point in the war. Despite their losses, the VC claimed to have inflicted a heavy defeat on the Australians.[199] Shortly afterwards, leaflets circulated the province stating that "700 Australians were killed, one battalion and two companies were destroyed and two squadrons of APCs".[51] Similar claims were repeated on Radio Hanoi on 27 August 1966, and the day after on Radio Peking. In contrast, the Vietnamese history of Dong Nai Province published in 1986 gave the battle little attention, claiming to have "eliminated 500 Australians and destroyed 21 tanks" while their own losses were not recorded.[200] D445 Battalion later received a PAVN heroic unit citation, and the 275th Regiment may have been given a similar award.[51] Many VC soldiers were also awarded Certificates of Commendation for their role in the fighting.[201]

One final note about the data. This list automatically updates with new papers, even before I get a chance to manually filter through them. I do this filtering roughly twice a week, and it's then that I'll remove the ones that aren't related to adversarial examples. As a result, there may be some false positives on the most recent few entries. The new un-verified entries will have a probability indicated that my simplistic (but reasonably well calibrated) bag-of-words classifier believes the given paper is actually about adversarial examples.

Alrighty.. I did some more digging and it seems that the latest windows defender update brought a false-positive entry along with it. Lots of other games and software appear to be detected the same way:

I'll look into building 0.50.0 again, resulting in a different zip file, that's hopefully not detected as a false positive? I also checked 0.51 and 0.52, they're both not detected, so I'm pretty confident that we didn't get struck with malicious code injection or something like that.

Helen Jones Campbell published The Case for Mary Surratt in 1943. Passionately convinced after extensive research that her subject was wrongfully convicted, Campbell put forth her thesis with such vigor that the book is sometimes treated as a work of nonfiction rather than a historical novel. Unfortunately, the polemical element in this novel overshadows the characterization. Passive and listless, Mary makes a splendid martyr, but not a compelling heroine. 041b061a72


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