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What You Need to Know About Ogg Dll Files for GTA San Andreas

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gta san andreas ogg dll files

d to be no problem, virus is present in windows vista. unfortunately for me, your software was linked to the antivirus program, and it therefore eliminated the virus. if the software is definitely not infected, the only thing left to do is to check the state of the varto.dll. if the files were detected, then they have been handled by the anti-virus program. after cleaning the files, you should restart the computer.

however, if the software was not affected by the virus, then you should try and remove the files by their name, using the run box. go into your system tray and bring down the task manager. on the left side of the screen, there is a list of programs and services running. the screenshot is as follows:

when you find a process labeled varto.dll, then go to the task manager, and click on the process. in the task manager window, use the process information to locate the file, and right-click on its name. after that, you need to go to the context menu, and select close. this should delete the dll file, so that it is not used by any program. but this approach has a small problem. if you go to the context menu and open the properties, then you can see where varto.dll is located. try to delete it manually, and then reboot your pc, only to find that the problem reoccurs. this is because the other antivirus program might be infected by the virus you just deleted.


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